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June: 10 on 10

Oh, hey!  I’m back with a 10 on 10 post this month.  As per usual, the 10th snuck up on me.  When the reminder from the group popped up on Facebook, I was in the car on the way to our local (and kick ass!) amusement park, Canada’s Wonderland.  No fancy camera?  No matter.  We had a fun day ahead and I had my iPhone.  I replied, “I’m in!” and went about capturing our day.

I have to say that it felt refreshing.  I would never have documented our day to this extent if the 10 on 10 hadn’t been happening.  There’s no way I would have brought my “good” camera to the park as the plan was to spend the entire day on big coasters.  I may have taken a shot or two with the iPhone  but would have promptly left it to languish on my phone’s hard drive.  Without having to worry about the safety of expensive gear, and not having to fuss with camera settings, I was able to click and move on to the next cool adventure without stressing.  I’m starting to see the value of “lower quality photos”.  They may not be perfectly in focus, or artsy, or drool worthy…but they sure do a good job of reminding you that it’s about the moments.

p.s.  Don’t forget to head over to see what Catherine Giroux captured for June!


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I Heart Faces Photo Challenge…”Wind”

Can I tell you what’s been going on?  To be perfectly honest, I’ve been in a funk.  A serious photography rut.  I’m exploring new ways to get excited about shooting my everyday and summoning up the best of myself at client sessions.   The winter was a hard one, but I’m ready to come out and start playing again.

This week’s I Heart Faces Challenge is “wind”.   I immediately thought of this image.  My two youngest love to play with my hair dryer whenever they get a chance.  It makes them crack up.  Who knew hot “wind” could be so hilarious?


If you’re so inclined, you can see the other entries here.

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March: 10 on 10

After taking a two month hiatus from my 10 on 10 project, I was kind of itching to get back to it.  This month I chose the day of my son’s birthday party.  He really wanted a bowling party, and since I’m a sucker for bowling too, we made it happen.

This is how we went from prepping in the morning, to having a crazy good time at The Ballroom, to playing with new birthday presents and winding down our day:



Now head on over to see what Catherine Giroux has captured for her 10 on 10!




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Hearts for Sandy Hook

Like most folks, I was deeply saddened by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary last month.  I have children that I love dearly, and my heart aches for those families who lost their dear children in such an abrupt, horrific way.

I’ve teamed up with 5 other talented photographers to put our passion to work and raise some money for the families of the victims.  Money to help pay to bury their child.  Money so that they don’t have to worry about their mortgage bouncing because they couldn’t face going back to work yet.  Money to keep the electricity on.  Basically, money to keep their worlds going while they step away from reality and figure out how to move forward.

We’ve put together a heart notecard set which will come in handy the next time you need to send a thank you note, a love note, or a sincere ‘I’m sorry’.  The profits from these beautiful notecards will go directly to the families who need them most.  You’ll get 6 4×6 cards, one with each of the following images, and blank on the inside for easy personalization for just $12 (including shipping).

       Proceeds will be split evenly between The Allison Wyatt Memorial Fund and My Sandy Hook Family Fund

Images (left to right):

top row:    DeAnna McCasland   /    Kristin Zecchinelli

middle row:    Suzanne Gipson    /    Carmen Farrell (me!)

bottom row:    Erika Ray   /    Breanna Peterson



Thanks for helping, and please spread the word!

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November 10 on 10

This month’s 10 on 10 is lame.  Normally, I’ll take my photos for the project about 5 or 6 days before they’re due to be posted.  That gives me enough time to pick a fairly interesting day to document.  This past week was brutal as I was knocked on my ass by a heavy duty flu that had me in bed for several days straight.  So, I woke up yesterday morning feeling much better but realizing that photos for the project HAD to be taken.  Flaking out wasn’t an option as I’d already done that last month and I care about this project too much to let it slide 2 months in a row.  So, knowing that I was still feeling shitty and that we had absolutely no plan to leave the house, I embarked on my lame 10 on 10.  This is us, putzing around the house, doing diddly squat.  I’m just glad it was a home day for the kids, or I can’t even imagine what I’d be presenting you with today.  10 feet and coffee mug shots?  Probably.



pssst…don’t forget to continue on in our little 10 on 10 circle.  Next up is Erika.  Go check out how her day was.

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Today’s Highlights

- Riding in a 1943 vehicle
- Seeing the prettiest sunset of my life (so far!)
- Getting a preview of how special their June wedding is going to be:

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